Silver Jewelry

If you are fond of silver jewelry you'll find your piercing jewelry here! We offer you rings and barbells, pins and plugs made of sterling silver- the alloy containing less metals which can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations. Sterling silver jewelry is recommended for properly healed piercings and it's better to find out beforehand what is your reaction on silver alloys. Silver jewelry is durable and if you'll take proper care of it your silver rings will look magnificent and new for years. Sterling silver piercing jewelry is classical example of elegance and good taste. We offer you belly button rings, nipple rings, nose pins and studs, plugs and other piercing jewelry made of best quality sterling silver. Enjoy variety of styles and low prices!

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Silver nose bone with 2mm gem, 20 gaSilver nose bone with 2mm gem, 20 gaRetail Price: $5.99
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L-Shaped Silver Nose Pin with Citron CZL-Shaped Silver Nose Pin with Citron CZRetail Price: $7.19
Your Price: $5.99
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