12 Gauge Tongue Rings and Barbells

12 gauge is the size common for eyebrow piercing, all kinds of ear piercing, nose piercing, male and female intimate piercings and piercing of the tongue. 12 gauge is the 2.053 millimeters opening. It's easier and safer to choose the tongue ring according to your piercing size- it will not only save your time but you'll get the ring you really need wearing which your piercing will be healthy. We offer you 12 gauge flexible clear tongue rings and SSS internally threaded disk barbells, 12 ga titanium anodized barbells and vibrating tongue rings. Acrylic tongue rings of 12 gauge size come in all imaginable types- atom and dice tongue barbells, notched and eye ball, glow in the dark and UV ball tongue barbells and many other colorful lightweight jewelry for the 12 gauge tongue piercing.

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