Tongue Barbells By Gauge

Here you can search for the necessary piercing jewelry according to the gauge size you have or want to achieve. We offer you straight, curved and spiral barbells, labrets, ear studs, nose screws and pins, belly button rings and other types of jewelry of various gauge sizes- from 10 gauge (what is 5.58millimeters) to 16 gauge (what is 1.29mm). It's very important for your health to wear a ring which suits you perfectly and if you want to stretch your opening with special piercing tapers you'd better do it step by step moving to the next size at least in three weeks. Take care of your piercing and enjoy high quality piercing jewelry of your size!

Please select from one of the following 4 categories:

10 Gauge Tongue Rings and Barbells 10 Gauge 12 Gauge Tongue Rings and Barbells 12 Gauge 14 Gauge Tongue Rings and Barbells 14 Gauge
16 Gauge Tongue Rings and Barbells 16 Gauge