Gold Tongue Barbells

A tongue piercing is a creative body piercing which is usually done directly through the center of your tongue and decorated with different accessories. One of the most popular and safest decorations are tongue barbells jewelry. Because of the frequent movement of your tongue, piercing jewelry has minimal sizes.
We are glad to tell you about our new collection of golden tongue barbells! All this line consists of beautiful piercing accessories at the reasonable prizes. You have a unique chance to choose what you really need!
You know that gold is a hypoallergenic material and perfectly suits for newcomers in the world of tongue piercing!
Solid 14 karat yellow or white gold straight barbell with nice balls on both the top and bottom of the accessory helps you to get an impressive style! Delight your friends with this cool tongue piercing jewelry.

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14k Yellow Gold Tongue Barbell, 14 Ga14k Yellow Gold Tongue Barbell, 14 GaRetail Price: $132.00
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