Gold plated jewelry

Gold is the most valuable metal of all the times. Since people understood its qualities and high value gold was a prerogative of higher society and the powerful rich people. Nowadays we all have possibilities to wear jewelry made of this beautiful precious metal. If you have no allergic reactions on gold you'll find magnificent pieces of gold plated piercing jewelry here. The differences between solid gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry are the following- the amount of gold (gold plated jewelry has only a tiny gold covering), the price (gold plated jewelry has noticeably lower price than jewelry wholly made of gold) and the durability (the thin layer of gold in gold plated jewelry is likely to wash out faster). Gold plated piercing jewelry is the best solution for those who is fond of gold but wants to spend less money. If it' you gold plated tongue rings, curved and straight barbells, belly button rings and others are displayed here for you!

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Gold Tone Belly Ring with CZ Covered BunnyGold Tone Belly Ring with CZ Covered BunnyRetail Price: $14.39
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