Glitter Tongue Rings

Piercing is a part of fashion and its popularity is still growing. Tongue piercing nowadays is made by males and females of various ages. Piercing of the tongue is rather painful procedure and takes a time to heal. If you follow all healing and aftercare recommendations you'll soon enjoy the healthy good-looking piercing in your tongue. Our store offers a multiple choice of tongue rings of various styles, materials, sizes and colors. This collection contains colorful glitter tongue rings. We offer you high quality glitter straight barbells made of sparkling acrylics of all imaginable colors and shadows. Wearing a glitter tongue barbell you'll enjoy the magnificent lights and glitter you'll bring everywhere with. Choosing the favorite color and proper size you'll receive a magnificent addition to your piercing jewelry collection.

Glitter Tongue Rings: 12 items
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Bioplast glitter tongue ring, 14 gaBioplast glitter tongue ring, 14 gaRetail Price: $3.59
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Tongue ring with glitter star balls, 14 gaTongue ring with glitter star balls, 14 gaRetail Price: $2.38
Your Price: $1.98
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