Body Piercing Places

Piercing is an old kind of body modification. In the ancient world it was the tradition and the way of connection with god, later it was a prerogative of higher casts and rulers to wear piercing jewelry. There are a lot of historical evidences of piercing. People have found uncountable places where they can be pierced and almost all parts of body join the list. In our store you'll find piercing jewelry for all kinds of piercing- studs, captive bead rings and circular barbells for lip piercing and ear piercing; barbells, tusks, screws and pins for nose piercing; curved barbells and CBR for eyebrow piercing; shields, circular and straight barbells for nipple piercing; belly button rings for navel piercing and other jewelry for male and female piercings. High quality and low prices are guaranteed. We hope you'll find a perfect jewelry piece for your piercing.

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Ear Piercing Ear Piercing Eyebrow piercing Eyebrow piercing Female piercing, Intimate Female Piercing, XXX Piercing Female piercing
Labret, Lip piercing Lip piercing Male piercing, Intimate Male Piercing, Penis Piercing Male piercing Belly Rings, Navel Piercing Navel Piercing
Nipple Rings, Nipple piercing Nipple piercing Nose piercing Nose piercing