Nose piercing

Nose piercing appeared in ancient times and is still made as the tribal tradition in some tribes of India and Africa. In modern world nose piercing is already a normal type of body decoration but the attitude to it depends on the kind of nose piercing. For example nostril piercing is usually small and looks elegant and is even not always noticed while nasal bridge piercing looks aggressive and not all adult persons accept it. But the fashion world opens the doors to all piercing types recommending just to show your style and individuality paying no attention to what other people think and say. Our store offers you a wide choice of piercing jewelry for your nose. A variety of styles, forms, materials, colors and sizes will help to find what you really are searching for- a perfect ring for your nose. Captive bead rings, nose pins, nose studs and screws of best quality are waiting for you!

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Titanium anodized segment ring, 8 gaTitanium anodized segment ring, 8 gaRetail Price: $14.39
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